Livechat plugin v10.2.0 is out!

It as been a while since I haven’t posted news about the livechat plugin on this forum.

Version 10.2.0 is now out! Last post I made here was about the v8. So here is the list of new features since then (non-exhaustive, check the release page for full feature list):

  • polls
  • option to mute anonymous users
  • instance’s terms&conditions to display in chat
  • channel’s terms&conditions to display in chat
  • channel’s custom emojis
  • OBS dock, so you can interract with the chat directly from OBS
  • streamer’s task/to-do lists: streamers, and their room’s moderators, can handle task lists directly. This can be used to handle viewers questions, moderation actions, …
  • more option to customize rooms for streamers (which are not Peertube admins)
  • slow mode
  • new avatars for anonymous users (instance’s admins have the choice between 6 avatars sets)
  • many performance improvments
  • and many other new features/improvments

More information about all these features on the documentation website.

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v10.3.0 is out, with the following new feature: moderation delay