Livechat plugin: v8.0.0 is out! Featuring moderation bot!

Hi everyone,

I just released the v8.0.0 of the livechat plugin!

This release embed a brand new « Moderation bot » feature. Every streamers can enable a bot on his channels. This bot can :

  • auto-delete messages containing « forbidden words » (streamers are free to configure the word list, some example are provided in the documentation),
  • make it send pre-recorded messages every X minutes (sponsoring messages, code of conduct, …),
  • respond message to custom commands (for example « !sponsor » that gives the sponsoring links,
  • many other features will be available in future releases!

More information in the documentation:

This feature is still experimental, and there will be many improvments in a near future.

For now, configuring forbidden words is « manual »: you have to copy/paste word lists. But in a future version, there will be action to automate this.

Also, i only documented some basic words lists (english and french swear words). Feel free to contribute for adding more languages, or word lists.

I hope you enjoy this feature. Feel free to give any feedback (good or bad).


And thanks to NlNet for sponsoring this feature!