Livestream not working


i have an issue with my peertubec

i tried setting up live stream but not showing on site

its a clean install i dont think port 1935 is being used

please help

Check your logs for errors (client and server)

i didnt find an error log

its purely a clean installation

Did you wait for the delay (between 30 and 60 seconds)?

yeah i did but not working .i tried with OBS but keeps on reconnecting .i tried with another instance and works well

Is there any specific error message on OBS?
Is the port 1935 open on the firewall?

Yeah just shows disconnected trying to reconnect

Am not sure with port if it’s being blocked

Someone to help please .Seems the connection is being established but doesnt work.coz after connecting with OBS after 2 seconds the live stream s marked as ended .i need someone to test with me please and find a solution to it