Locations in Israel not supported in event location chooser

Hello team,
I’m from Extinction Rebellion Israel and wishing to use Mobilizon to publish events in Hebrew (so already starting to translate Mobilizon to Hebrew via Weblate, wondering how much time it will take for me ^_^)

When I create a new event (tried this in the Mobilizon Demo instance), the location chooser line can’t seem to find locations in Israel. I tried just entering a custom location but it doesn’t work, the event is published with « No location specified », which is confusing, I’d love to specify the location if the UI let me :stuck_out_tongue:

Can the location chooser UI get support for locations in Israel? And/or an option to enter the location manually, perhaps along with a lat/long / link to OSM?

On my desktop I notice that GNOME Maps is able to find locations in Israel, perhaps the same location source that app uses can be used by Mobilizon?

Shall I open an issue on Mobilizon’s git repo?


The mobilizon.fr instance uses the Pelias geocoder (based on OpenStreetMap data) that we provide ourselves. However, as this requires quite some resources, it only uses data from Europe, which is fine for mobilizon.fr as we don’t want and need to host events from all over the world ourselves.

I’ve copied this configuration to the demo website without thinking about the rest of the world. I’ve just changed it to use the free Nominatim service from OpenStreetMaps which has world wide data : Nominatim Demo

However, since autocomplete isn’t allowed with Nominatim, you’ll find suggestions to come a bit longer after you enter text.

There is an upcoming issue about allowing arbitrary coordinates if a place is not found.

And forgot to say thanks for your translations !