Log file filling up with certificate errors

Hello, I’m running a PeerTube instance, version 2.4.0, and I notice that when my instance can’t connect with another instance due to an invalid certificate on the other side, that error is logged by dumping the whole certificate into the syslog. This happens every few seconds, sometimes resulting in disk-full before log rotation can happen.

This happens for a few addresses, but the main case is ‹ tube.renehsz.com ›. I’m not following this server, this server is not following me, nor do I follow any account from that server. That server is indeed inaccessible. I have already added this server to the muted servers and I have blocked the ip address on nginx. But it keeps happening.

How do I stop my instance from trying to refresh an actor which is invalid and which I have no relationship with anyway?

Shouldn’t muting that server stop my instance from trying to interact with that server?

How do I stop my instance from logging such a minor error so verbosely?

The message is 'Cannot refresh actor https://tube.renehsz.com/accounts/peertube.’ followed by a full dump of the invalid certificate, with error code « ERR_TLS_CERT_ALTNAME_INVALID ».

There are no related failed jobs.

I’ve searched this forum but didn’t find an existing topic. Doesn’t this happen on other servers?


There is nothing to do. I’ll try to fix the dump message.

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