Login form does not propose openid-connect after os upgrade [SOLUTION PROPOSED]

I had a working peertube instance and i did upgrade OS from bullseye to bookworm.
Once done login with openid-connect was not possible and no login button was proposed for.

What i found out is : if external authentication service is not contactable at peertube restart then authentication plugin is seen as non existing.

So first check if url of openid-connect is contactable from peertube server and fix it, then restart peertube.

This might be a valuable informaton for people struggling with such issue.

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After a review of my configuration, and logs i found out that my openid authentication url was now resolved in ipV6 (and dns address) instead of ipV4, and since this goes through a freebox where i explictly disabled ipv6 it didn’t connect to openid server at peertube restart.
I modified my /etc/host to use a local link ipv6 address since i operate openid server too, and that working after a peertube restart
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Just for the record, if you federate with other servers, you could have some issues…
Indeed, as you saw, NodeJS >=18 now resolves ipv6 before ipv4.
So if your server tries to request another instance, it could fail.
I think the good solution would be to completly disable ipv6 on your server, so that NodeJS won’t try to resolve domain names as IPv6.
(or, of course, juste enable IPv6 on your internet connection)