Looking for a way to prevent certain channels and playlists being listed on the home page


I would like to hide certain local channels from the front page of a peertube instance and associated global feeds (ActivityPub or RSS), but otherwise not restricting access to these channels.

Background: I’m in charge of the instance for a cultural institution. We’re uploading video documentation of our events and other institutional content to our instance and want that to be the content of the home page. We also provide video accounts to some members of our community. We are fine with the content they’re uploading, but we only want it to appear on their user account page, channel pages, or playlists, not on the instance’s home page. We also want this content to only be available for subscription there, rather than being included in the global feed of videos.

Since setting videos to private will not have them listed anywhere, I wonder if there is a way to accomplish this via configuration, or if we would need to create a plugin?

Things I already tried:

  • Setting videos to unlisted: the videos are not accessible by browsing a channel anymore
  • Muting a user: has the same effect as setting all videos of the user to private when browsing the instance’s website.

Regarding plugins, I found one called hide-channels-in-search-result, which maybe provide a reasonable starting point for developing this functionality, but the source code seems to have been removed from framagit.

Any ideas or hints on how to accomplish this goal?

To customize an instance’s home page, it is possible to use the custom client markup at the admin setting accessible at https://<your_intsnace>/admin/config/edit-custom#instance-homepage