Looking for participants in a short survey about Mobilizon


I’m currently a student in a master’s degree in User Experience (UX) in France. I’m working on events participants, organizers and general tools available to them. I would love to hear about your use of Mobilizon with a simple survey (or over a longer conversation if you have the time!).

You can find the survey here : https://forms.gle/EaRbYj9RqPrG5iHLA (EN).
If you feel more comfortable with french: https://forms.gle/JDfQCJheBSw1F8xg7 (FR)
(I’m sorry for using Google Forms, I don’t really have any other functional tool at hand and it’s most convenient for me right now. My apologies!!)

(if this type of post isn’t allowed, please tell me how to make it acceptable! :))

If you have any suggestions or recommandation, feel free.