Lost some information when downloading mp4 from PeerTube


I downloaded a couple of videos from my channel and found that, for all videos I downloaded from PeerTube, when playing them on VLC, the end time would always be 00:00. No matter where the video came from, I mean, some videos were imported from YouTube, some were shot myself and uploaded to PeerTube. No matter where the video came from, once uploaded to PeerTube and download it again, some data was lost, at least the end time. I need to use ffmpeg to convert it again to get the end time.

The video itself is still able to be played. Just some data lost.

I guess it should be a bug? I’m not sure yet so haven’t reported it to github issue. Is there anyone here having the same issue?


See Fragmented videos do not play well on single download · Issue #4130 · Chocobozzz/PeerTube · GitHub

This is something we want to work on in the future.