Made an instance for informatics teaching - Any tips on getting federated?

Hey there,

I’ve recently discovered PeerTube and was positively impressed by how well it is put together. It seems like a nice piece of free software that we could use for hosting videos and streams of the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics. I’ve now set up an instance and was wondering how we could best make use of the federation functionality. Would you recommend some instances to follow? Are there other instances focused on competitive programming?

The plan will be to keep publishing educational videos on algorithmic and general programming concepts in English/German/French, if maybe that interests somebody else. The instance is on with the login/registration via the main site.

Hi and welcome to both the forum and the federation. Your instance is already referenced in but you can search there for other instances to follow.

Thanks for the reply! I just thought I’d ask directly if there was some other server/group with a similar focus that I missed from the general server list.

Well not to self promote but on my instance I share on

  • WebXR programming (JavaScript for VR and AR)
  • reMarkable tinkering (Linux for e-ink)
  • Server side setup (Docker and cloud setup of popular platform alternatives)

and a bit more.