Map is not displayed

Hello all,

I have installed an instance quite freshly but no map is shown to me and when I enter an address manually it is not saved.
Have I forgotten anything during the configuration?

A GeoLite2-City.mmdb I have entered but no geocoders configured, I have understood the instructions so that a standard is deposited?

Nominatim is used as a default geocoder when none are configured, but they don’t allow doing autocomplete so it can take a few seconds for results to show up. Did you test with well-known addresses (some big city for instance)?

Inputting an address manually is not supported for now.

Ah ok I was probably too impatient and thought if I enter a complete address this will also be accepted.

Thanks for the explanation.


On my side I’ve noticed that if we enter a text in the address but that it’s not picked up by the geocoder, there is no warning or anything but the text is erased when saving the event.

So one might think he’s filled the address properly when if fact there is no address at all on the event. I don’t know if that can easily be fixed though!