Milestone 2 - homepage

I asked the users of what they would like to see on the homepage. Literally all of them had this to say:

A list/display of all upcoming events in your venue sorted by date.

This was relatively easy to ask, because we meet every Thursday at Bosvreugd with dozens of them attending.

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Thank you very much for your feedback.
What do they mean by « in your venue »? Do they want all the instance events sorted by date or is « venue » something more specific than the instance?

Well, our instance mainly has events dat are organised by and/or are held on the premises of Bosvreugd.
But more generally, What they want to see is all upcoming events on the instance (or as many as can fit on the homepage) maybe as a scrollable list/display. sorted by date. The earlies upcoming event should be displayed first on the list

A bit like the display of events from a group, as displayed below:

Currently the list of events on the homepage displays the very last event first (for us that is in december at this moment). Whatever is coming up this day/week/month is completely invisible and it is not even possible to scroll to it or have it sorted the other way round. like below screenshot:

Even when you go to the « upcoming events » You get the list sorted with the last event first, this should be sorted by the first upcoming event. Not that many visitor are already interested in the events we organise a year ahead. Nor do they want to make choices in the filter for that, it is exactly the other way round. They want to use the filter to see events later in the year, but not for the recent upcoming events.

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OK that’s in scope for… Soon! I can’t commit on a date but that’s the very next step to have a default homepage which is the list of upcoming event in grid mode (no horizontal scroll). Stay tuned :slight_smile: