Missing-cookie failure is graceless

PeerTube fails very gracefully when Javascript is not enabled, but if cookies are not enabled, a link to a PeerTube video loads nothing whatever, and https://joinpeertube.org/ loads a blank orange screen. Could this be replaced with a good error message, please? Ideally these error messages should state exactly which scripts or cookies need to be enabled, to aid tight whitelisting.

hi @Lin,

If your issue is still present of v2.2, please add your issue on the issue tracker, otherwise we cannot keep track of bug/feature requests here for extended periods of time.

I’m not on Github, but fortunately it seems that that current PeerTube version does not need cookies at all. It does give « Error: Unknown error » if XMLHttpRequests are not enabled, but far fewer people block those at the moment.

Umatrix is an easy way to replicate this, and to quickly test software for cookie/Javascript fallbacks.