.MKV Format Video Upload Not Compitables

Hello guys can I know why it is not working .mkv video format for my accounts or for all. when uploading video it is saying upload so many types of extension of videos but when i upload of .mkv video it is saying that No compatible source was found for this media. and not playing Video. So can anyone Please Look into this…


As it’s said: « the video is being transcoding, it may not work properly ». You’ll have to wait the end of the transcoding job.

Thanks it worked but i have some doubts buddy can you please help me in that

1.As i have uploading video should i stay on that tab until my video is published or can i move to another tab for my work…will it upload even i have that in tab 1 uplaoding and doing my work in tab 2.???

2.After video is uploaded as it is saying « The video is being transcoded, it may not work properly. » Should i keep that tab in my broswer open or can i close and open it after 2 to 3 hours will it be transcodded or should i keep that tab in browser ???

I would say :

  1. let it open somewhere
  2. no

yeah i opened in sometab and started my work in anothertab after sometime the video stopped uploading showed error .is that beacuse of i didnt stay in tab

when i try to upload video one tab and went to another tab and the video stopped being uploaded can anyone how to upload the video in this

i mean the clear instructions like should i stay in tab or should i have to wait until it is being uploaded ???
Even i have stayed in that tab and seeing that video to upload but it stopped because as there is no movement in my system means i have left the pc like that so i didnt moved my mouse or keyboard also it stopped…

So Can anyone Please help me how to upload videos in this instances clearly Please…

You have to wait for the upload to finish. Once the upload is finish, the « publish » button on the bottom of the form will become available. Once you submit the form, you can close the tab, even if the transcoding is still running. The transcoding is done on the server side.

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