Hi all,
I am an event producer and media activist/artist and XLt-j using… and recently sending some questions to the tech group after their hackathon here last weekend, and it was suggested to send them here…


  1. first time i try to post a series of events into one event post,

so 4 dates thru : June 15- July 20th

( so not sure how that will appear over time in the calendar, or of it is better to enter each date seperately? )

Update: After the first date passed, i changed the start date, so that it might show up better in the calendar, but now it doesnt seem to be visible at all, as far as i can see.

  1. Caroline doesnt yet have a Mobilizon profile,
    so i am posting it for her… And i was wondering if there is a way to enter Organized by _________
    a name that does not yet have a profile ?
    or can be left blank ?
    ( so it does not appear as my event )

Update: Becca recommended i create a group…
and include the artist(s) later.

So we now have a group, if other ppl in Berlin want to join it…
for spreading the Mobilize platform and getting more cool rad subkulturs + stuff into the mix !

respex !
and the XLterrestrials


Is it an announcement or is there any question raised ?