Mobilizon - demo of version 5.0.1

Here is a Mobilizon event for a demo of the new version: Mobilizon - demo of version 5.0.1 - Mobilizon

Keskonfai team (also known as « Kaihuri ») has been handed over by Framasoft the lead on Mobilizon developments.

NLNet foundation and the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet programme support us financially for this project (more details on NLnet; Mobilizon UX).

Thanks to their funding and the bravery of three freelance developers, we’re able to release a Mobilizon version upgrade.

Here are the topics covered in this new version: 5.0.1 · Milestones · Framasoft / Mobilizon · GitLab

We’re offering a « demo » of this new version.

Current proposed date is friday the 28th of june at 13:00 CET and is still subject to change.

If you’re interested but this time / hour is not suitable, please register and leave a comment, we’ll try and schedule an extra session. Also please put a comment if you’d like to have a demo in french or another language.

To attend, just connect on Mobilizon demo room.

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