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When you brainstormed the Mobilizon project, why did you decide to create a zero application rather than a simple event module for Diaspora or Mastodon?

Is Mobilizon really about having social networking features? Will it be a competitor for these other 2 projects?

Benjamin E.

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Hi, and sorry to have missed this topic.
In simple terms, there’s no way to create modules on Mastodon or Diaspora*, Mastodon is not really interested in having extra features, Diaspora* is kinda slowly dying, but most of all : Mobilizon doesn’t have any social networking features (apart from groups, if you consider groups as social networking) and isn’t « just a simple event plaform ». :slight_smile:


Ok thank you for the answer.

Hi @tcit ,

I react at your saying that Diaspora* is kinda slowy dying some months ago.

I understand from your post that the number of people really using Diaspora is decreasing ?

With the creation of the Twispora app on Iphone, I had come to some hope about it : I’m a bit responsible for that decrease as I never really used my account, in part because there was no app to connect from a smartphone.

Also, do you know where I could find some information on how complex and costy it is to run a server ?
From my navigation, I’ve seen data on how to run a server technically but, for Diaspora* as for other services that Framasoft has been running, it would be interesting to have some return of experience on how munch money and effort it takes to run that kind of services. How many people you would advise, how many servers and data space it requires to run diaspora for 100 or 1000 users,…

The tech part is certainly something that’s preventing people to start the adventure, but I guess that the unknown on the comitment that is necessary also not helping.

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You can see some (recent) user statistics on (takes time to load) and

You could have a decent installation under 10€/month

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Thanks for the answer !