Mobilizon = future Ultimate Calendar? Features from a similar calendar concept

Dear Community and developers, I highly admire your project!
As I have been sharing your vision and goals a long time before stumbling on Mobilizon, I have developed a similar concept, which you can read about here in English (as « WikiCalendar ») and here in German (as « Ultimativer Kalender »).
I am convinced that the key for a new calendar tool is transclusion and unfortunately no software, not even Mobilizon, comes with the necessary features to provide universally embeddable open calendar Data.

As you can see on the sub-wiki-page « Ähnliche Tools », I have, together with my project partner, already evaluated some software solutions’ features in comparison to the Ultimate Calendar concept.

I am willing to provide my time, past and future thoughts and analysis on practical calendar solutions, as well as my language abilities in German, English and Spanish. My Partner additionally has a little bit of coding knowledge to provide.

Please let me know if there are realistic perspectives that the Ultimate Calendar’s features could be added to Mobilizon’s functionality.

I would have need a calendar as practical as google’s one. Framagenda is not as good as it.
I had needed something to create my timetable . I was obliged to use the week’s vision of the google calendar to build my timetable. Impossible with framagenda . So I am very interestied in a calendar as good as google’s one but open source.

Thanks by advance