Mobilizon plural form format

Mobilizon seems to be using some form of custom plural form format. How do I translate so that the translations will be fetched correctly?

My language’s plural rules usually work like this:

English source string:
1 cat|{count} cats

Fetched for numbers:
1|everything else

{count} chat|{count} chait|{count} cait|{count} cat

Fetched for numbers:
1,11|2,12|3-10,13-19|everything else

Now I have a special case for number 0 in English:
No instance to approve|Approve instance|Approve {number} instances

If I expand my format to:
0 cat|{count} chat|{count} chait|{count} cait|{count} cat
0 cat|1 chat|{count} chat|{count} chait|{count} cait|{count} cat

Will it fetch the plurals correctly? Which of these formats can I use?

I found the following topic : Plural form format :slight_smile:

The plurals should be fetched properly according to these rules : js/src/i18n/pluralRules/gd.ts · main · Framasoft / Mobilizon · GitLab

I still don’t understand how it works when there’s a special case for 0 and 1 though. I guess I could go with « There are 0 instances to approve » when there are none? How do the English strings distinguish between the cases when there’s a special case for 0 and when there isn’t?