Mobilizon questions, importing/exporting events, etc

I. I have for years searched for replacement for Facebook events and recently found Mobilizon, which looks quite promising. Few questions about it.

  1. Is it possible to import your events from one instance and export them to another? I am planning to submit quite large amount of events and Mobilizon would function also as an archive for searching past events when ever needed.

But if an instance decides to close down or just turns out to be unreliable it would be a huge loss if all submitted events are deleted. So I consider this a crucial functionality that the user that has submitted events can also export them and important to another instance if there is a need.

  1. Some of our events are private and it will most likely take years to convince even half of target audience to create a mobilizon account. How can you restrict visibility of event info so that you are as sure as possible that only invitees can access it?

  2. what is good way to report bugs? Nixnet Mobilizon when inputting address and you try to choose location in map view the map turns to grey box, map is completely unusable. In the map functionality seems to work as intented but .berlin blurs covers pictures which I don’t like.

  3. are you aware of any tool where you could automate copying FB events to a mobilizon instance? So that you could copy e.g. 20 events in a minute so only a few secs per event.

Thank You.