Mobilizon Setup does not work

My friend and I tried cloning and setting up our own mobilizon instance. We followed this Setup Guide for hosting the instance with a Docker Container.

After successfully entering make setup and make to the command line, we can start the localhost on our machines. Sadly the tab stays blank and we get the errors you can see in the picture. We both have the same problem on 2 different Operating Machines, WSL and MacOS.

Does anyone have a clue that the error is about? We would be really happy if someone could help us!

I am not sure at all, but have you a firewall active ? If it’s the case, you must maybe open the port 4000 on it ?

Thank you for the reply! The port is open and the errors still persist.

I am sorry but I don’t know.

Same problem for me (and 4 other students).