Moderation on - please remove white nationalists from the instances list

The instance list at includes, which advertises itself there as a white supremacist website. This is a problem because the main join page for the peertube project is actively promoting Nazis. This may present a legal problem in some countries. Additionally, it seriously undermines the credibility of the project and will discourage people who dislike Nazis from joining any peertube instance. This will lead to lower participation from several groups of potential users including racial and ethnic minorities, LGBT people, feminists, leftists and people who object to racism. This combined population of lost user base is larger than whatever users one might gain on Nazi instances.

For my own part, I teach in a university and would like to steer my students away from youtube, but absolutely cannot link my students to any website that is promoting white nationalism - including yours.

Please excuse the length of this post. Your promotion of Nazis is dismaying and upsetting and I hope very much that you quickly correct this problem.

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Thanks for the report, we removed this instance from the index.



Hello @les_h. There is a «report an instance» button on the top right of . It’s more discreet, and it avoids accidental promotion.


Hi, I’m glad you have such a button, but the main page that new users are pointed at is: . It would be best if there was a discrete report link button there as well. I spent quite a lot of time looking and didn’t see one. Of course I didn’t know about this other list interface and neither would any other new or curious user. Figuring out how to send any feedback was more time than I would normally spend and it’s only because I have good associations with Framasoft that I put in the effort.