Monetize videos better than with BitTube Airtime

I was using to monetize my videos with the Bittube browser extension, but as this is really only a very low paying option, I wanted to know, how you guys use any other method to get a bit more income from your videos…
I am thinking of running my own peertube instance and have banners ontop and/or under the video window and besides it.

Is there an HTML template file I could modify to get this done ? Which one would I need to modify ?

Also is there already any competition to the Bittube extension ?
I read about
but it seems this has only up until now implemented in Cinnamon Video platform ? Not yet for Peertube ?

Any other method or cryptocurrency that supports monetisation per view for PeerTube videos ?
Many thanks.
Regards, Stefan.

Could you provide more details? I’m curious about your experience with them.

Well, the biggest problem is, that has so few users only… so not many
views of my videos and so not many Tubes as the income…
Most users on Bittube are still on the old Bittube.TV platform that is not a PeerTube installation and has no Transcoding, so use on Mobile phones is very bad…as most of the people just only upload their 1080p Youtube movies…

I really need my own PeerTube instance, where you can also add the Bittube Airtime plugin… and I also want non intrusive banner ads around the videoplayer… so I must see, how I can change the templates…
Many thanks.
Regards. Stefan.

The most maintainable would be for you to create a plugin and install it locally.

FYI, there is an issue opened on Github where many users are discussing this subject.

Thanks for the info.
By the way, I still have a question about the decentralisation with this…

If I will let other instances use my videos and I have on my own instance the Bittube Airtime Plugin installed and the other instances which mirror my content will NOT have the Airtime plugin installed, what happens if users will watch my videos at these other instances ? Will my videos getting monetized or not ?
Probably not, right ?
So in this case I would loose money, if I would allow other instances to mirror my videos, right ? So if I want to make money with them, I still need to be the only host that has the videos, right ? Many thanks. Regards, Stefan.

Where do I find the infos, how to program plugins for PeerTube. ?
Many thanks in advance.

There is the option for other servers to :

  • follow you
  • follow you and then mirror your videos

The action of following effectively indexes your videos on the remote instances, and allows their users to watch your public videos. You want to refuse any external follow in order to keep your server as the gateway to your videos.

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