I am happy to see Nextcloud among the FOSS proposed by Framasoft (F!$ for short?).
Why Moodle is not there? They are harvesting young student’s profiles in schools!

May be this and that can help (login as a guest). Unfortunately when I wrote these webinars I had no clue about F!$. Think I will try to tune them for this platform. Any idea?

Hi @Twingsister

Not sure which page you’re implying ? This one ?

Not sure neither what you are expecting from us?

Gavy, Thanks for your reply!
I write in English but reading French is ok for me.
Simply I suggest that there is an alternative to Google Classroom (GC) i.e. Moodle.
Actually Moodle is much more powerful that GC.
Have some experience with that and I think I can help.
I think one can suggest that every school must have a Moodle instance.
You can find my ideas here (guest login)

I think that in almost every school there is a teacher that can follow this webinar and become an evangelis.

In a few word. Why Moodle is not suggested by Framasoft?

Another area I was into is Computer Graphics, here one can have Scratch or, better,
Blender. Adopting Blender do not require an evangelist so I didn’t wrote a webinar for this (up to now).

Do not hesitate to ask for further cooperation.

It is : you can find it in our FOSS directory Framalibre and we even used it to propose a mooc.

I think it wasn’t explicitly quoted during our campaign De-google-if Internet because this campaign was adressed to the general public. We couldn’t explicitly quote every FOSS :wink: Plus I think at the time of our campaign (2014 - 2017), Google classroom wasn’t as widespread as now (thank you Covid), so we prioritised alternatives to others proprietary webservices.

Thanks a lot for your promotion actions of Moodle, I personally think it is a great software, even if sometimes it requires a lot of cliks :wink:

Thanks for your encouragement and feel free to contact me if F!$ thinks I could be of some help as a Moodle enthusiast. Cheers!

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