MoRe: Mobilizon Reshare, a tool to circulate your Mobilizon Events

Hello everybody,

I’m from Tech Workers Coalition Italia that has been working for a few months on a tool to support us in adopting Mobilizon.

We would like to automate the publishing of events across our social accounts and our website. The idea is to publish an event on Mobilizon and then see it appear on our social networks according to a predefined publish strategy.

Enter MoRe: mobilizon-bots/mobilizon_bots at master · Tech-Workers-Coalition-Italia/mobilizon-bots · GitHub

(note that the project is still named mobilizon_bots but will be renamed soon and the link might break)

We are approaching a 0.1 version that we will release hopefully before September. Even if it’s not ready, we feel it’s time to engage the community and show what we are doing.

This 0.1 milestone will support:

  • Telegram as a target platform
  • one basic publishing strategy that publish events in chronological order with a minimum break between two events
  • a window to control when to publish events
  • a small CLI utility to query the status of the tool
  • a very extensible architecture

Many pieces for the 0.2 are already in place. This will probably include:

  • a maintainer notification system supporting the same target plaforms we use for publishing
  • more platforms (probably mastodon, zulip and facebook)

Later on we also want to implement a recap feature to regularly post the upcoming events.

Feedbacks and contributions are welcome even though now the goal is to wrap up the 0.1. Supporting different platforms and strategies should be doable without too much onboarding.

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Great to hear about this initiative! It would indeed help Mobilizon adoption.
Good luck and keep us posted!