My instance is not updated with federated videos anymore

Hi, since 15th february my instance don’t get new videos from federated instances, i don’t really know what triggered this since it was working fine with 3.0.1 upgrade and i didn’t do major changes since.
Are new videos list obtains through pull or push ?
I though there was some activitypub-http-fetcher scheduled to do so but i don’t see any when lookling in ‹ complete ›, those jobs since to be triggered on changes and not on a timely fashion.
Is there a way to force a resynchronisation ? I didn’t find any obvious error.

my instance :

Where to look ?

I have another older problem too with accoutn creation for which i will create another topic.

This was a problem with my public ip address being changed by my provider and dyndns resolution not updated,.
my ipv6 address did answer but not my ipv4, so this system was half-working depending what protocol clients use. i am using noip2 binary service from service on my raspbian, and i didn’t configure it as a service, so have to launch it some times… Addres updated by my livebox directly was correct, but i didn’t configure this name to be used for peertube.

This did affect that seems to try ipv4 first where my instance disapeared.

wating now to see updates coming from federated instances.