New User of Peertube

i am a bit confused here…when i joined, it only seems to give me the option to join an existing instance but not the option to CREATE an instance. i dont know how to go about creating an instance that anyone of my Select Inner Circle can join and upload to. any help would be greatly appreciated. cheers!

Hi @Plymouth.Fury,

Instance creation is a manual task for system administrators to do, and not a Software as a Service that you can instanciate from the click of a button. If you have a sysadmin around, show them the installation documentation:

i THINK i understand how this works now; i need to download and install the Application and a Sysadmin of Peertube creates the instance…but when someone creates a Channel and uploads a Video to my Instance, where are the Videos stored?

Peertube is not a centralized system. Each instance is on his owner server. Videos are hosted on this server.
This is not like Discord for example, where all «instances» are hosted by Discord.
So, to have a peertube instance, you must have a server to host it.

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