New video notifications on Mastodon and others

Preparing things for a project I’m launching soon, I’m doing some tests and see that I don’t get notifications for new videos on Mastodon (I follow my channels and have notifications enabled for them).

This happened before with some people I follow and not others, and I’m realising I was confused between the relation between accounts and channels. Now I see it’s because videos are posted by the account and boosted by the channel, and Mastodon only notifies of original posts. I suppose it’s the same with the forks and the other similar platforms.

Registrations on my PeerTube instance are closed, at least at first the majority of my viewers will be people I bring over from YouTube and I think it will be better for getting to know the fediverse if they register on my Mastodon instance (or others I’ll recommend) and follow from there.

I’m going to use the separate channels to post the same videos in different languages, so I’d rather people follow that than my account.

At this point, the way I’m thinking of to help people not miss new videos is to encourage them to use lists and check them regularly (they could use one list to group my channel with others they follow, I’m doing that myself now).

Is there a better way that I’m not seeing?