New WordPress plugin: Connector for Mobilizon

I have created a simple WordPress plugin that loads the upcoming events of a Mobilizon instance via GraphQL and displays them as widgets or shortcuts. I use a repository on Github for development. I invite you to test it and to give me some feedback.



I did not use Mobilizon though I would thank you on behalves of people which could be interested in. Thanks sharing this !

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Thanks for this, it looks really cool!

A common feature that will probably be along the first requested should be to show the events for a specific group. The GraphQL query would be something like this:

query {
  group(preferredUsername: "name") {
    organizedEvents {

Also, I’m not experienced in Wordpress plugins, so I’m not sure how much my suggestion would be a hassle, but I would prefer if the request was proxified (and cached) on the server instead of quering directly the mobilizon instance from the browser. This might also fix some issues if the Wordpress website has some CSP config set up.

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@tcit Thanks for your input! I have just released a new version with the option to indicate a specific group. I have also been thinking about letting the back-end do the GraphQL requests and put it higher on my priority list.


Hello Danveg,

I’m not technical at all and didn’t know what you meant exactly @setop played around with your pluggin and shown me.
I just wanted to say that this pluggin is really awesome and thank you for it!
It’s a cherry on the cake cooked by @tcit :slight_smile: