Nginx & Traefik 403 Forbidden and crazy Logs

Hey there,

for weeks now I am fighting with my docker-peertube instance that is down. It doesn’t have to be, but we’re working on something bigger then just peertube alone so we want Traefik as the edge router for all.

After many trials, searches and watching video’s I find that any solution I seem to find have either Nginx, Peertube or Traefik setup differently. All in one docker-compose to many separate files for any of the used applications. I can now seem to grab my head around it for a bit, but for some reason I cannot get the last step to work.

I’m a system administrator/ engineer of origin and these weeks have been the deepest dive in coding I ever did. Well worth it since what once were systems to me now have turned to code. From that point of view I realize I am in the hardest part of IT systems. Network and security.

I think I have come quite an end because since a few weeks (I have a lot more to do then this project alone) I have arrived to reaching Nginx when I try to go to my url ‹ ›. But it gives me a 403 Forbidden that I have no idea’s left over, on how to solve it.

The Logs of the chocobozz Nginx webserver and peertube-server are clear:

where the client ip seems to switch from the Traefik internal ip, to my hosted server ip to my outside network ip where the request derives from. I like to think for some reason it’s not simply the dedicated Nginx webserver that tries to read and reply, but something outside the chocobozzz docker environment that is not allowed to do so.

I understand Nginx AND Traefik can be seen as reverse proxies. I want Traefik to be the edge Router forwarding internal dns request, to different environments using the same ports.

It looks to me I am so close to getting it to work, but I cannot understand (reverse engineer) how the .yaml and production.yml and other configuration files tell each other what is what.

I am sorry if i am too much of a noob and that would be the reason for me asking this question. Do let me know if it is so. But please help me out explaining why the log file of my peertube-server tells me wtff every time I start it.

It is not me, it is truly in the Logs as you can see. But I do feel that way after many, many configuration trials. Please help to get me out of here :wink: