No access to Sitemap.xml

ive installed Mobilizon via Docker and it runs quite well, i only have a few issues.
I am not able to access sitemap.xml … if i enter - Mobilizon or …/sitemap-00001.xml i get an Error 404 page. Im not sure if i need to add something to my config.exs or if it is an issue with my nginx config.

More issues ive got with Mobilizon are:

  • cannot access my instance via Mobilizon Mirror(WP Plugin)
  • if i open a link to any event it sometimes happens that i got a Error Page, if i refresh the page i can enter the event page. (The Error is De: « Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten. Bitte entschuldige. Du kannst versuchen die Seite neu zu laden », En: An Error occured. We are sorry. You could try to reload the page.)