Not upload videos which watched

Hi i have mobile connection 3G/4G and noticed that if watched any video from PeerTube it never upload to be able to return credits ratio so by me, PeerTube may lose its meaning and die out…

however site like worked correctly fine for me (if try something to someone upload with my computer - hovewer worked on WebRTC)

How fix to it?

Hello @kompowiec2

I’m not sure to get your problem. Are you referring to the view count that doesn’t update when it should, or are your referring to issues with the upload of the video itself?

@rigelk i mean it, that if i’m watched video it on bottom bar see the speed at which I download a given video in my browser, but upload always points to zero :frowning: i’m leecher.

If i’m not mistaken, that just means you’re the only one watching the video at that time, no issue here :wink:

In PeerTube, there isn’t a ratio logic (leecher / seeder). If more than one person are watching the same video, some parts are exchanged thanks to WebTorrent (P2P) in order to save bandwith for the server. That’s all.

The player seeding indicator is also infamously inaccurate.