Old Uploaded Videos Don't Work Anymore

Hi All,

I’ve just noticed that older videos uploaded years ago no longer work. I’m not sure when this problem started, but this instance of PeerTube has been upgraded over the years from version 1.0. It is currently running version 6.0.2.

However, the source files for the videos having problems playing exist on the file system and are perfectly valid if you download the video files and play them in Windows Media Player. So, what gives? What changed over the years in PeerTube so that these old videos don’t play? Anyone know the fix?

For example, this video doesn’t play:

Yet, as I mentioned, the file it claims a 404 on exists on the file system and plays fine if you download it manually.

This video does play:

Seems like newer videos work fine. Anyone have any idea?

I missed these two nginx config changes:

rewrite ^/static/webseed/(.*)$ /web-videos/$1 break;
rewrite ^/static/(.*)$         /$1        break;

When it used to be like this:

rewrite ^/static/webseed/(.*)$ /videos/$1 break;
rewrite ^/static/redundancy/(.*)$ /redundancy/$1 break;
rewrite ^/static/streaming-playlists/(.*)$ /streaming-playlists/$1 break;

That fixed it. Not sure if that change was pointed out in the update log or not. It might have been, but I missed it if it was.