Onebox and Discourse sites

I’ve been embedding links to my videos in an Discourse site I participate in.

If I include the « share » link in a post, I get a nice preview in the Discourse site, but not an in-line player:

If I include embed HTML iframe, I get nothing (as expected, Discourse doesn’t allow arbitrary iframes). If I include the embed URL, I just get a bare URL.

BUT, I’ve seen some Discourse forums with embedded PeerTube links that indeed display as players. For example:

— from Peertube embedding? - #3 by ChameleonScales - feature - Discourse Meta

That’s on the main Discourse meta forum - so I’m sure they’ve done nothing custom for PeerTube…

SO - What do I need to do, perhaps configure on my PeerTube server, so that onebox support works and I can embed my videos in a Discourse forum and have it display an embedded player?

I think you must ask the discourse admin to allow peertube hosts: Allowing peertube video oneboxes via the allowed iframes setting - support - Discourse Meta