Only able to use root account, cannot Subscribe via Mastodon


I am only able to sign in using the root account, even after creating another account through the root account. I cannot sign in with that new account. Additionally, I canNOT subscribe via Mastodon to any accounts on my instance. I get an error that Mastodon could not locate the remote account (though I can use it to, say, subscribe to Blender on

I think these issues are connected, but I can’t see what I have done wrong. For reference, the non-root channel is located here: blakeearth.

Thank you for your help. Please let me know what further information might be needed.

EDIT: I am wondering if the following configuration block might be important, but it looks correct to me:

Thanks again. seems to work in mastodon search bar

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Thank you for your time. It looks like I just messed up the particular account for signing in (an incorrect password; I reset it), but it’s working now, and I can indeed search for the channel. Do you know why I can’t subscribe through pressing the orange subscribe button and then entering my Mastodon user?

I get same behavior if i try to subscribe to using my account. is v1.2.0 under yunohost.

I have to accept a pop-up first, but when accepted i get this :
(french) : 'Malheureusement, il y a eu une erreur en cherchant les détails du compte distant ’

Not sure if it is a peertube or a mastodon problem.

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I can use my Mastodon account to subscribe to some channels on other PeerTube instances (like, but not on or

I guess this means either there are inconsistencies in Mastodon or problems with configuration of the latter two PeerTube instances.

It might be aversion problem too ( blender is 1.0.1 ), by checking version of all site working and those not working we might have another insight.

Yes, it might be a version bug. I have tried it with some other instances and Mastodon accounts (on other instances). I have added details to this issue: