is down

Originally, I posted this on

Hi! is down, for at least one hour, right now.
It is now August 24th 2020

I very much like French, but can’s speak it. I speak/write the lingua franca of this day: English. [1]

I have a few videos posted on

Pls. can anybody, tell what happened with

Is it a tansient fault, or, God forbid, permanent…?


[1] In other centuries it was French the world language, yet other it was Spanish and Portugese, way longer before it was the predecessor of today’s Italian, the Latin. Centuries from now it will be some other language, probably…


Each server that run Peertube, have some time down hours or day, more time to update the software. Instead of Youtube or other video platform, i advice you to keep the email adress of the admin to the server. It is more helpfull that ask to Framasoft or this forum, anyone know more than the people that manage or other Peertube server.

However, I have posted a dozen or so videos over probably one year, always in different times of day, and check-accessed those in yet other times, and never have I encountered a time in which they would be down for this long.


And they are still down.

On it is hard to find much about peer2peer, other then where it’s commercially used…

If it is down, it’s not likely the admin would get my email either, so…

So, if not ask here, does anybody have a suggestion where to ask about this downtime?

The reply to that will be very welcome.

They are still down.

(Pls. note I will be happy to let eventual reader know as soon as they are back online.

I don’t want centralized video hoster anymore, I have been happy with Peertube and with Open.Tube.

A downtime can happen to anyone… other than big business.

But I do not want to let any of the big business into my world, all the same.)

In the interest of users and the future acceptance of PeerTube, this should have been done. It just should have been done. Just done.
I.e. somebody should have done it. It is not necessarily you who should have done it, but…

But it was before you, right there, you almost did it, and then…

If this kind of mistake keeps repeating…

And a similar scenario possibly [1] the instance … i.e. if remains down, and nobody does nothing… and if because of qualms and scrupules all the users lose their data…

( BTW. is still down as I write this. Never ever has this happened in the last year, to my knowledge.)

But of course, the contrary can happen too. The mistake to never happen again… The users’ data to be relinquished and restore somewhere…

[1] is down
well, let’s see, it’s been only s few hours, unannounced, maybe they only have a hiccup…

For me, it is running (17h later) :wink:

The server of is up now, you can ask to the admin why this day/hours of downtime. Maybe an upgrade to Peertube or about the storage. I can give an advice, as all server to use Peertube/Mastodon and other, it is wise to have a main and a backup. Behind, it can be, a group of person or an only. It can be close at anytime because of the cost or the time to manage it.

Thanks @tdi and of course you @shikaruko.
I just sent an email to the admin.
Firstly I thanked him (I don’t know, so « him » from here applies for « her », if it is her instead) for his service.
Then I told him I started this worried topic (I mean I gave him the link to here), and asked if he could tell us about the downtime.
And also I asked about an exit strategy should his server go permanently down, or, what to call it, maybe better salvage strategy.

I haven’t tracked whether it was down or not each day since, but when I did, was up.
I didn’t get any replies from the admin, so far.

But I was wondering: for cases like this, which is hopefully just a little suspense and short unavailability, and like the other one:

which is the nightmare if that should happen…

Is there a strategy, at some socio-tech level, with you developers of p2p at framacolibri? Things like this one with, and especially the other case, with the now defunct (currently dead link) will drive users away if you developers/planners/other people at Framasoft or elsewhere in the decentralized loosely knit community do not make up something, some rescue mode, some safety net, some way for authors and users to be safe with their content.

Thank you for your kind consideration!

Resilience is done by copying the videos elsewhere. This comes at the cost of losing the capacity for an author to delete their videos, which is why we prefer communities to organize their own solutions around the problem rather than force an automated solution on each and everyone.

Having answers at a server/community level is much more flexible, albeit requiring some community to exist in the first place. If your admin is not answering, I strongly advise you to look for a more responsive admin and supportive community.

If you have an idea for a non-intrusive (that doesn’t warrant loosing control over videos long term) technical solution, then please open an issue on the issue tracker at

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