Opening a peertube video link with my peertube instance?

I am new to this, and maybe I am getting something wrong.

I made an account in a certain peertube instance, but when I search online and there is a peertube video, it opens on their instance, where I have no account for commenting, and also there is for example no dark theme… so is there an option to automatically open these links through my desired peertube instance?

hi @tarancepil7,

There is currently no way to automatically open links through your PeerTube instance, because this pertains to how your browser knows they should be redirected and where. This is a complex problem, and unless a browser plugin comes to help with it, we have no way of implementing that.

The problem is explained in-depth at

This is currently discussed in

Until there is a solution, you can copy/paste the url of the video in your instance’s search bar. It will open it directly in your instance, so you can comment and do some other stuffs.
NB: the instance admin can disable this feature, so if it does not work on yours…