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I came across GetTogether.community https://github.com/GetTogetherComm/GetTogether
I just read it quickly through, and realized that I didn’t see anything about plans for federation. But I’d guess you might know more? What do you say?

Hello !

We have talked with the Get Together team and came to the conclusion that our projects were different enought to justify 2 different softwares.

We don’t want to speak on their behalf, so all the following is said from our point of view, from what we understood about their project:

On the one hand, they had already made choices for their design and development language (which is quite normal), while we wanted to be able to question it by working with professionals for a usage-centered design, and choose a robust language if the server must pass a lot of messages (so we chose Elixir).

More specifically, we wanted to target the uses of activists, and they seem to aim for the “general audience”: their proposal is an alternative very much based on what MeetUp does, but a Free and Federated one.

Finally, we understood that they are still looking for an economic model, and that they could consider making a commercial activity with their software in the future. This is not a problem in itself, but it would quickly lead to incompatibilities with us, who are a not-for-profit organization, and therefore we would have very different priorities.

However, all this does not prevent the fact that these two projects will be interoperable (thanks to the ActivityPub federation protocol), and that it is quite conceivable to consider, after the V1 (if we have the means), a joint work on their interactions/compatibilities.


Thanks for the verbose and interesting answer! I makes me want to continue keeping an eye on your project.

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