Page listing all channels

Is there a way to create a page which lists all the channels of the local instance ?

I firstly though using the plugin custom-pages, but I don’t find a way to display all existing channel (and automatically add the new ones created in the future).

Could this features be usefull to anyone ?
It could be simply accessible behind https://myinstance.tld/c/
If this idea gains interest, I could provide some design proposal for it.

Thanks for your thoughts about it.

Hi Eric,

The search form has an option to only show channels, and anotherone to only show channels from a given instance (and can be the local one):

That is not exactly what you wanted. But you could add a link to this page on your homepage for example. Or in the left menu, using a plugin.

Or you can create a client page, in a plugin, and then use the Peertube API to load and display the channel list.

Another way, would be to create a feature request for a new client markup tag. Same as peertube-videos-list, but named peertube-channels-list:

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Thanks John,
The search is an option, I try this :
but do you know how to limit the scope to the channels owned by a specific user ?
(and then is it possible to sort the results in alphabetical order ?)

I should definitly study the creation of a plugin and the API :slight_smile:

For your last idea, with a future peertube-channel-list markup tag, how to add it to a page ?
Because with the custom-pages plugin I mentionned earlier, markup tag are not recognized (I tried with the existing peertube-videos-list).

Just use this kind of url John Livingston - John Livingston :slight_smile:

Oh. I never tested. I thought that the plugin markdown renderer could handle custom tags. Perhaps it’s worth a feature request on github?

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Hi John,
I didn’t think of the user profil page, which list all the Cahnnels or videos. Thanks for the tip ! :wink:
I will create an issue on github to ask for some sorting options (like Alphabetical order), and maybe a little button to expand/collapse the description of each channel.

But thanks again, this will suit my needs for some times. Have a nice day.