Partial Uploads Occupying Space? Where to Manage?

I was uploading a huge, 120GB video to my PeerTube instance. When I came back after a couple of hours, its upload progress was « UNKNOWN ERROR ». I checked PeerTube’s logs and couldn’t find any information about any error; all I could find was that the ‹ debug › logs showing that the upload was going normally, and then the log just stops, indicating that the upload stopped. I noticed that the debug log implies that the upload is « resumable », so I clicked the ‹ Retry › button in the upload window.

When I did, I was informed that I was logged out (odd, because I was just logged in seconds earlier when I was reading the logs. Did attempting to retry log me out?), so I logged back in. When I did, I couldn’t access any incomplete upload page: not in in My Library → Videos or elsewhere.

I figured that the unfinished upload must have been deleted, since the Administrator dashboard suggests that I’ve only used up 2GB of my quota (from other uploads). I attempted to upload the same 120GB file again.

When I began the new upload, though, it immediately jumped to >16% (about 20GB) completion, which suggests that the previously uploaded data was still being saved SOMEWHERE. I notice that this behavior is the same if I manually force an uploading tab to close before it’s finished; I can resume it by attempting to upload the same file. Before I open an Issue on github, I have some questions:

1.) When my upload progress becomes UNKNOWN ERROR, how can I get more details about what actually went wrong?
2.) Is there a place where I can view my own unfinished uploads and delete them? If this isn’t something that each user can do, is this something that an admin user can do?
3.) Do these unfinished uploads truly not contribute to a user’s quota? If not, couldn’t a user completely fill a server’s storage with unfinished uploads?

Thank you as always. I still have a lot to learn about Peertube, and I’m gradually feeling it out.

I think that it is nginx that is handling uploads. Check your nginx error log for more information.

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In PeerTube logs: Logs | PeerTube documentation

On your server directory specified by your configuration: PeerTube/config/production.yaml.example at develop · Chocobozzz/PeerTube · GitHub

User quota is checked before you upload the file, but it’s true they can fill the tmp directory with multiple uploads of different files.