Participate of the network without peertube

es: Hola, si yo descargo el torrent/magnet de un video de peertube podría convertirme en un par más de las red peertube?

en: Hi!, If I download the torrent/magnet of a video of peertube could turn me into a pair more than the network peertube?

fr: Salut, Si je décharge le magnet d’un video de peertube pourrait me convertir dans une paire plus de réseau peertube?

hi @bazza

If you download the files using the torrent/magnet with a client compatible with WebTorrent, then you will turn into a pair helping the peertube network of that video. :slight_smile:

Which are these clients?
I use transmission


Could it mean that if wanted, without installing and proposing PeerTube, it could be possible to help PeerTube’s network ? For example with a remote P2P server ?

Sounds great !


Have a look at for a list.

Transmission doesn’t support WebTorrent (yet). You will be able to download the torrent, but will only be able to seed back to UDP/TCP/μTCP leechers (so not the browsers of people watching the video).

Exactly. But then I haven’t an example in mind of how to properly seed headlessly on a server.

The libraries are there, but then you still need some scripting :confused:

It’s not complicated scripting, but it could be more straightforward… I guess I’ll have to code an example :wink:

This is the idea, I do not have possibility to install all an instance (peertube), but if to be a pair in my videos or favorite videos

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I test with:

webtorrent-hybrid seed “ 1080p.mp4” -a -a wss:// -a wss:// -a wss://

But, does not seem to take it like peer :frowning:

It’s a bit more complicated to seed that way, because the tracker needs to figure out at least the hash of the file and the name of the file as generated by PeerTube.

Also, more importantly, you don’t specify the WebSeed of your instance (it’s not supported in the CLI interface apparently). Remember that a PeerTube instance is not a regular peer. It cannot download or seed anything. It’s just a tracker with a webserver serving WebSeeds (a glorified way to say files over HTPP :sweat_smile:)

The way I do it is by invoking something like webtorrent-hybrid "" --keep-seeding --verbose.

I shared this:


Hi everyone, i’m new here, this is my first message !

I thought about something like peertube before hearing about it, and was suprise how well peertube fit to my biggest dreams about such a platform. But I also thought of a functionnality that didn’t know was possible before reading this post : help to seed your favorite video even when your not watching them.

But I am no programmer, and I don’t know how realistic or difficult what i’m about to talk about would be. I thought it would be great to have a way to have a simple button below the player that would automaticaly download the video on your disk and start seeding right away. Maybe via the use of a plugin on the browser or a program like a really lightweight torrent client. But more than that (since it seems to be already more or less the case), I would love to be able to do so for all the video of a same user without having to go on every single video.

My idea would be to be able to subscribe to a channel (like on youtube for example), but when I click, I have etheir a popup or a drop down menu, where I could choose different options (like notifications, …) which would include “donwload and seed to support the channel”.

That way, the more popular a content creator becomes over the platform, and the most viewers want to watch, the more seeder its videos get.

Thank you for reading this long comment !

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This exists, only that was seeing like sharing it


Or it was that it needs another client webseed or a server peertube?

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Yes but as I said, it is for every single video, not for a whole user/channel yet, wich was the goal of the sentence you quote. If I understand you message that is ! Or is there such a possibility for all the videos of a user at once ?

Still I do not attain to share neither a video, but serious easy do a program that do this.

Wow, i watched it w/o sound but that looks impressive ! Good job ! Just a trailer, full animation coming soon ?

In my idea, what could be very interesting and useful for the network is to be able to automatically leech then seed the most watched videos of an instance or better of the full network.

Added to video redundancy planned in V1 Deluxe, it would be a great solution to improve network stability.


thanks :smiley:
yes. I am working in this. Here it has subtitles
I make it with donations and is a free/libre artwork


There is something that do not understand…
By that internally the server does not use torrent without wss?

I’m sorry I don’t understand your question.