Pathway to Live Streaming and related features?

Hello everyone. Everyone posting on this forum is likely aware of how the centralized, proprietary, and unethically monetized entities dominate most of the streaming landscape. From deep-pocketed monoliths like YouTube and Twitch, to a whole host of smaller also-rans, to a new generation of sites predicated on vested interest in cryptocurrencies/assets, its a disappointing landscape. Thankfully, PeerTube is appealing from both technical and philosophical perspectives, offering a better alternative.

The progress PeerTube is making and the growth of the open (source, spec, protocols etc) « Fediverse » is inspiring; showcasing an alternative to more pernicious social media platforms is important. Recent events have illustrated a great need in the community and one to which PeerTube could, with development, be the best solution - Live streaming.

Some time ago I remember reading that there was interest in live streaming, but to date support is not yet implemented. Thus, I wanted to check in on the status thereof and inquire as to what steps will be necessary to bring Live Streaming (as well as related, ancillary features) support to PeerTube. Is it something that with sufficient interest and resources for development could be added, or are there some prerequisites / maturing of the platform that must come first?

For a variety of reasons ranging from spurious DMCA and uneven content policies, to frustration with algorithmic appraisal of content, to monetization and viewing practices that offer disproportionate benefit to those at the top of the pyramid and more, users are becoming increasingly frustrated with existing platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Opining the lack of suitable alternatives, they usually find themselves looking at many of the aforementioned also-rans or crypt-dependent sites, disappointed yet feeling boxed in. This mirrors the experience that has brought many to Fediverse alternatives from other types of sites (ie favoring Mastodon and Matrix over Twitter and Discord), but as it stands at the moment there is no alternative capable of live streaming.

Between the aforementioned issues, political/cultural shifts online, and the growing disappointment with existing big-name social media, users are seemingly more motivated than ever to switch away from incumbent services. The concern that this momentum will be wasted if there is no open/fediverse alternative when it comes to streaming, users settling along a number of sites with less desirable attributes, staying put with the « devil they know » megalithic services, or other paths of lesser benefit. Thus, I was wondering if it would be feasible for PeerTube to implement the features required to be a suitable alternative in the live streaming world in time to take advantage of the momentum building. If so and the issue is of development resources, interest in the platform etc… then perhaps interested parties could be leveraged to assist. In any event, checking in on the potential for PeerTube to add live-streaming (and related functionality such as stream chat) may allow us to see a way for PeerTube and the « Fediverse » to benefit from a groundswell of dissatisfaction with the industry’ status quo. Thank you.

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The live broadcast, would be a very important point within this wonderful project, I hope you implement it.

Let me make a suggestion, if that live broadcast was accompanied by a simple chat, to ask questions and answer them, it would already be sublime.

Thank you very much.

Thanks for your input!

Indeed, some sort of chat system is definitely one of the « related features » I wrote of above. In order to provide a suitable alternative to Twitch , YouTube Live, and and a host of alternate sites focusing on live streaming, chat is perhaps one of the most important ancillary components .

One need only venture into any major stream to see the focus on the live chat, be it the streamer interacting with those chatting to a pattern (or some would say « culture ») of chatters among themselves, a any hypothetical PeerTube live streaming project would be unlikely to thrive without chat. Ideally, an endeavor to replicate features common and seemingly desirable in other livestream chats should be added as well. For instance, the ability to offer custom icons and emoji, including those granted generally application wide, those granted by specific instances, and those on specific channels/streamers , seem to be very important to many viewers. There are many ways we could replicate the functionality of major sites, but offer enhancements and through better policies.

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I concur, having witnessed from up close the monetary aspect of live streaming among friends either doing it for a living or having it as their main source of income. The idea that, to be supported by their community in an integrated manner, they have to ask their community to literally throw thousands of € in Amazon’s pockets, on top of the advertising madness that these platforms are… let’s just say that their interest would be picked by the idea of one day removing these shackles. (and I’m purposefully ignoring the all data-grabbing concerns that some friend streamers have but not all are fully educated on/aware of this issue)

But this seems to be a recurrent issue/request on this project and it’s nice to see the interest. It’s a non trivial undertaking (looking at this from the outside at least) as it adds quite a few elements to the software, with unique concerns on bandwidth/latency & chat interactions in a p2p environment etc. which are pretty much livestream exclusives.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m thrilled and hope I can get up to speed with the project soon enough to join in on the effort.