Peer-to-peer doesn't work?

Concerning the following:

When you host a large file like a video, the biggest thing to fear is success: if a video becomes viral and many people watch it at the same time, the server has a big risk of getting overloaded!

Peer-to-peer broadcasting allows, thanks to the WebRT protocol, that Internet users who watch the same video at the same time exchange bits of files, which relieves the server.

Yesterday I made which embeds six videos hosted on censorproof .tv. Today it went viral and got to the frontpage of Reddit. Instead of the influx of users relieving the server, the videos got hugged to death.

Is there anything I can do about this? I also got this message from another user:

Why not just seed the torrents?
PeerVideo seems to suck ass in terms of performance. qbitorrent tells me there are currently 47 seeds for this magent link, but nothing ever connects. I’m on 1gb sync fiber just tested at 850/900. I want to host this content!

Any information would be helpful.

P2P is not a silver bullet. If you get on the frontpage of Reddit, your server must be dimensioned appropriately. What is your server hardware/bandwidth?

Qbittorrent doesn’t support WebTorrent at the moment:

Unfortunately I’m not the one hosting the instance. All there is to know can be found here I guess: Thanks for the quick reply.


The instance seems slow. I can come from multiple things (server in another country, slow server, low bandwidth etc).

But yes the instance owner can improve things: