PeerTube Architecture

Not sure if a good resource exists already that’s geared towards a non-technical audience. I’m curious how things like transcoding, delivery, storage, etc. works on Peertube compared to centralized alternatives like Youtube.

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Alternatively, after some research, here are some of the primary distinctions in how transcoding, broadcasting, and storage operate on PeerTube compared to centralized alternatives like YouTube:


PeerTube employs a decentralized transcoding system, allowing each instance to handle video transcoding on its own server.
YouTube relies on a centralized transcoding system, where all videos undergo transcoding on YouTube servers.


PeerTube utilizes a peer-to-peer (P2P) delivery system, where viewers contribute their bandwidth to distribute videos to other viewers.
YouTube employs a centralized delivery system, with all videos being streamed from YouTube servers.


PeerTube employs a decentralized storage system, with each instance responsible for storing its own videos.
YouTube uses a centralized storage system, with all videos stored on YouTube servers.

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