PeerTube as a YouTube archive frontend

There has been plenty of talk about PeerTube mirroring or importing YouTube content, but there are some details that are unclear.

Primarily, is there a way to make already downloaded videos, even removed ones available for viewing in a PeerTube instance? This would ideally also mean comments and like counts.

Secondly, is there a way to do this in a way that’s reproducible, meaning different instances going through the same process would get the same result - thus would share peers and fediverse likes?

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Peertube uses youtube-dl/yt-dlp to import and sync youtube videos and channels.

Which details are unclear? Any video synced will be available on the peertube instance. I’d recommend tossing $5 on a VPS and testing out the features of peertube.

Well first thing is that I already have everything downloaded, so I’d like to cut youtube-dl(p) out of the equation anyways. The second part was that if this procedure is reproducible, do instances that have imported the same channel share peers or is there a way to achieve that?

So, PeerTube as a (P2P) YouTube archive frontend, not as the software to create that archive.