Peertube broken?

I made a account on Mijn5euro - Tic Toc Social Videos and all uploaded videos end in a error.

Moving your video to external storage failed, your video may not work.

Discussing this on Mastodon tells me that more people on different instances have the same problems.


See my comment on Reddit: Reddit - Dive into anything

Admin tells me he will quit because of the constant errors.

Failed to play video The video failed to play due to technical issues. HLS.js error: networkError - fatal: false - fragLoadError

I have received this error a few times. Initially it would happen because the machine would fail to resolve the hostname of the s3 storage service ( etc.) due to a DNS lookup timeout. After fixing this problem, the problem still occurs very rarely. I don’t know too much about what is causing it, but re-encoding the video seems to work (even though I have to manually change the entry in the database to make the error go away).