[Peertube] Configurer le pwd root via ansible

Hello all

I’m working on peertube integration into my network.

I have written a role from scratch to deploy this tool. Everything is working fine. I’m looking for set root password with ansible.

documentation part :

" Alternatively you can set the environment variable PT_INITIAL_ROOT_PASSWORD, to your own administrator password, although it must be 6 characters or more. "

Someone has already do it ?
Could tell me how to set root password in my playbook ?

have a good day

Where is your playbook?

This is just an environment variable you need to set during the initial startup sequence here.

Should I add an ansible shell module to define root password ?

I don’t know ansible, but it sounds like you don’t need a module for that: https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/latest/user_guide/playbooks_environment.html