Peertube description issue

(1)When using markdown for 17:35 in peertube’s description, why does it show up as a hyperlink.
(2)When using markdown for url in peertube’s description, it shows up as: 19:9000/w/p/ abf102d2-8211-4c8a-bb07-c7906e09f866" target=« _blank » rel=« noopener noreferrer »>url @Chocobozzz


It’s a shortcut to go to a specific timecode in the video

Hello @Chocobozzz I used the mark down format to write a URL: test, it did not display it as a hyperlink, but as this: 19:9000" target=« _blank » rel=« noopener noreferrer »>test

Thanks @betty for your example. It should be fixed by Fix video timestamp linkify · Chocobozzz/PeerTube@9e9a00d · GitHub and will be available in PeerTube 6.1.

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@Chocobozzz ok,thanks for your update