Peertube doesn't recognize correct redis version

I update peertube to version 5.1.0 when it told me, that I shall use Redis version 6.2.0 or higher. So I installed version 7.0.10. Now peertube tells me after a restart
Apr 11 20:03:11 <my.server.dom> peertube[506497]: It is highly recommended to use a minimum Redis version of 6.2.0
Apr 11 20:03:11 <my.server.dom> peertube[506497]: Current: 5.0.7

But when I show the redis version:
:~$ sudo redis-server -v

Redis server v=7.0.10 …

How can I tell peertube the new version?


Can you ensure which redis-server is running with ps aux | grep redis command?

ps aux didn’t show the version but the PID was very low. So I restarted redis and peertube is not complaining anymore.
« Have you tried turning it off and on again » did work once again :roll_eyes:
Thank you @Chocobozzz