Ok… I been reading it, trying to understand it but got lost along the way. Is there a working example I can grab for this api?

What I am looking for is to embed the api into a webpage but have no idea on how to start with it.

An example would be nice, if you have one…



You can check

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Hi Chocobozzz

Thanks so much for your quick reply, I do appreciate it. This is the scenario I have.

I have a wp website, that is accessible for paying members, on a post that is accessible for paying members I want to have a peertube video that is base upon a live broadcast (it is a news website).

To prevent users to share the live broadcast link, I need it « protected » so for now I have the link in peertube set as unlisted. Still, if the users do a right-click on the video they can see the link and as such share it.

The solution I had in mind is to use the api to « log me in » then allow for the video to show. I then can have the video set to private and nobody would be able to see the video outside WP (unless they are me of course).

Any idea how I could achieve that?

I think you can try to develop a plugin for your peertube instance using

Hi @Chocobozzz

Well, I am at a loss… as you might be seen in some of the comments. I am trying to update the /server/controllers/client file, as per the above-mentioned reference you suggested.

First I do not have any .ts files (after you pick yourself up from the ground laughing… ) can you tell me if that is actually the .js… if so then, then it gets even weirder…

anyways… how do I update the files referenced in the issues 3773… thanks


You can’t update manually your instance with this patch. You’ll have to wait a new release.

@Chocobozzz thanks for your reply.

Mostly appreciated.